Ku aircraft antenna system, in-flight connectivity

Surf the internet! Text your friends! Available anywhere in the world.

AeroSat designs and manufactures FliteStream™ fuselage mounted SATCOM solutions for in-flight connectivity, providing high-speed broadband datalink access.

FliteStream™ F-210 Broadband Internet System

The FliteStream™ F-210 is ideal for Commercial Air Transport, large VVIP, and Head of State aircraft, such as those produced by Boeing and Airbus. The F-210 provides passengers and crew true wireless broadband Internet access. No matter where you fly - over land or water in any region of the world - you can browse the Internet, send and receive emails and texts in real-time, use Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) telephony, access your VPN, conduct video conferencing, and watch IP television. The F-210 is mounted on the aircraft's fuselage, providing all the performance you need in the smallest possible footprint.

Based on the HR6400 antenna legacy design, The FliteStream™ F-210 system sets the standard for Ku band satellite systems, with the most efficient Ku band aircraft antenna available. The easy-to-install system comes complete with antenna, antenna control & MODEM unit (ACMU), high power transceiver (HPT), radome, and radome attachment ring. It handles everything from the energy coming from the satellite to the modem connection in the cabin.

Click below to download the latest FliteStream™ F-210 System data sheet: