Astronics AeroSat SATCOM solutions deliver satellite TV and broadband internet access that is faster, more reliable, and more cost effective than ever before. AeroSat strives to develop Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) airborne connectivity solutions that have the highest levels of efficiency, signal gain, and signal sensitivity than any other airborne antenna available today. AeroSat maintains its industry leadership through development of aircraft antenna systems that provide maximum levels of performance with a minimum amount of volume.

AeroSat satellite TV (DBS-TV) and broadband data SATCOM solutions are based on patented, leading-edge technology. Our lead engineers each have over 20 years experience in satellite communication and aircraft antenna design, testing and certification. They lead a team of more than 30 engineers. By combining this extensive experience with proprietary radio frequency design software, AeroSat has dramatically reduced antenna development time. To date, AeroSat holds over 10 domestic and 13 foreign patents.

This investment in brainpower and software development enables AeroSat to develop market-leading aircraft SATCOM solutions positioned to become industry standards.

Global reach. Highest Ku Band SATCOM Antenna Performance
AeroSat's aircraft SATCOM antenna products are capable of operating in every region of the world. This is due primarily to our antennas' unmatched ability to communicate with low angle satellites. In addition to geographic coverage, AeroSat's Ku band aircraft SATCOM solutions provide the highest quality of service. AeroSat is one of only a few aircraft antenna suppliers that have developed equipment for the aviation market utilizing Ku-band SATCOM technology.

Rexolite® Lens Technology
AeroSat's aircraft SATCOM products feature its patented Rexolite® Fresnel lens technology. This technology eliminates the need for typical feed horns mounted in front of the antenna, used by all the other SATCOM equipment manufacturers. Eliminating the feed horn improves antenna efficiency, resulting in higher performance and overall system sensitivity. What this means for the aircraft operator is a SATCOM system that will work when others fail!

The Rexolite® Fresnel lens technology is a dialectric polarizer material, which acts as focusing optics similar to reading glasses for your eyes. The Rexolite® lens technology gathers and directs the satellite beam into the antenna waveguide rather than a standard feed horn, which blocks the incoming satellite beam energy.


Future Proofed. Built In Ku band HTS and Ka band Upgradability
AeroSat's aircraft SATCOM products are designed with upgradability in mind. Both the F-Series and the T-Series FliteStream™ products are designed to be upgraded to interface with Ku band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) and Ka band satellites when operational. This provides peace of mind to aircraft owners that in flight connectivity can be updated to the latest technology with minimal aircraft impacts.

Unlimited potential applications.
In addition to delivering speed and high quality of service in consumer in-flight entertainment (IFE) applications, AeroSat SATCOM solutions offers high bandwidth high-speed data access enabling other critical information sharing abilities required for VIP, Head-of-State and other government and military applications. Let AeroSat propose a unique SATCOM solution for your application today!

All AeroSat airborne SATCOM products are designed to offer:

  • Open Source, flexible architecture
  • High Reliability
  • Exceptional MTBUR (Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removal)
  • Cost effective solutions for high-speed in-flight broadband connectivity and TV
  • Low or no NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) cost to the customer
  • Simplified aircraft installation
  • Easy testing on the bench
  • Outstanding aftermarket product support
  • Lightweight SATCOM In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) antennas